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About English

I'm on the way of teaching Englsih.




1999年9月至2001年8月任教于凤阳县板桥中学,2000年10月当选为板桥中学团委书记。 2001年8辞职,同年八月受聘于私立无锡光华学校。2007年7月,受聘于安徽凤阳兴华学校,任政教主任,兼任校团委书记、中学部长。2008年先后被评为凤阳县首届“教坛新星”、“教学能手”、“骨干教师”。2011年9月,任教于安吉振民高级中学。2012年,兼任高一英语备课组长。



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(    )1. -Linda, you ______ on the phone.-I am coming. Thank you.

      A. want    B. are wanted     C. have wanted    D. wanted

(    )2. A talk on science ______ in our school next Monday.

A. will give     B. will be given    C. has given    D. has been given

(    )3. The bookshop ______ for six years.

A. has been open     B. has been opened     C. has opened        D. has open

(    )4. I'm sorry you can't go in now. The room ______ yet.

A. hasn't been cleaned        B. hasn't cleaned     C. isn't been cleaned        D. isn't being cleaned

(    )5. - Someone has stolen my handbag.  - When ______ it ______?

A. did, steal    B. has , stolen    C. has, been stolen    D. was, stolen

(    )6. -Don't litter the ground, boy. Look at the sign : " Rubbish ______ into the dustbin."


A. has throw      B. was throw              C. must throw     D. must be thrown

(    )7. -What delicious cakes!     -They would taste ____ with butter.

A. good         B. better      C. bad      D. worse

(    )8. -What do you think of the football match?

-Wonderful! The Chinese football team has never played _____.

A. better     B. best    C. worse    D. worst

(    )9. How beautiful she sings. I've never heard _______ voice.

       A.the best            B. a better           C. a good            D.the better

(    )10. -Do you enjoy travelling by plane?    -No. It's _____ expensive.

A. much more     B. more much      C. too much    D. much too

(    )11. -Who is ____ in your class? -Fred is.

A. tall     B. taller      C. tallest    D. the tallest

(    )12. China has a _____ population and long history.

      A. many      B. large    C. much    D. bigger

(    )13. The light in the room wasn't ____ for me to read.

A. brightly enough       B. enough brightly  C. enough bright        D. bright enough

(    )14. The football match was ____, so the boys were ____ about it.

A. excited; exciting       B. exciting; excited      C. excited; excited        D. exciting; exciting

(    )15. Jim likes_________sister's camera, but she doesn't want to give it to_________.

A. her, her       B. her, hers      C. his, his      D. his, him

(    )16. Don't lose_________in computer games, boys.

A. yourself      B. yourselves      C. himself       D. themselves

(    )17. That boy always helps others, so he has_________friends.

A. little     B. few      C. much    D. many

(    )18. -The exam was very easy, wasn't it? -Yes, but I don't think _________could pass it.

A. somebody     B. anybody      C. nobody    D. everybody

(    )19. -A latest English newspaper, please!

-Only one copy left. Would you like to have_________, sir?

A. it       B. one      C. this     D. that

(    )20. Excuse me, sir. I bought the shoes yesterday, but they are in different sizes. One is Size 37,_________is Size 38.

A. another       B. the other      C. the others     D. other

(    )21. I've read several books, but_________of them is funny.

A. neither       B. either      C. none      D. all

(    )22. There_________a football match on TV this evening.

A. will have      B. is going to be     C. has     D. is going to have

(    )23. There is a beautiful clock on the wall,_________?

A. isn't there        B. is there      C. isn't it       D. doesn't it

(    )24. This is ______ bedroom. The twin sisters like it very much.

A. Anne and Jane    B. Anne's and Jane's  C. Anne's and Jane    D. Anne and Jane's

(    )25. Half of the class ____ most of the work. Some of the work ____ really difficult.

A. have done, is     B. has done , are          C. has done, is      D. have done, are

(    )26. When we see dark ______ in the sky , we know that rain may come soon.

A. stars     B. planes     C. clouds   D. things

 (    )27. -What can I do for you, sir?  -I'd like two ______.

A. bottle of orange   B. bottle of oranges    C. bottles of orange    D. bottles of oranges

 (    )28. On ______ Day the boys and girls had a good time.

A. Children    B. Children's    C. Children'    D. childrens

(    )29. -You're dropped ______ "s " in the word.

             -Oh, sorry. ______ letter "s " should be doubled like this "glass. "

A. a, A    B. an, A    C. an, The    D. the, The

30. ______ boy hurt his leg. He is in ______ hospital now.

A. A, a     B. The, a     C. The, the    D. The, /


1. The________(high) you climb, the more beautiful view you will see.

2. Look at___________(you) in the mirror. How dirty your faces are!

3. The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have become closer and closer now after some Taiwanese_________(lead) visits and talks across the Straits(海峡).

4. Another two pupils_________(success) swam across the Qiongzhou Channel on June 2, 2010.

5._________(like) his brother, Tom is more interested in history.

6. Why don’t you play an ________(enjoy) game with your baby?

7. It's about ten __________ (minute) walk from my home to school on foot.

8. —A natural disaster is very terrible, isn't it?

—Yes. The earthquake in India made thousands of people __________ (home).

9. After much _______________ (think), my parents decided not to buy that car.

10. Before we make a final decision, we need to have a __________ (far) discussion.

11. Five ____________ of the students in our school suffer from stress. (nine)

12. Doing morning ________(exercise )can help you keep in good health.

13. It’s very cold. Please keep the door______ (close).

14. There are______(little )than 20students who passed the exam

15. The woman's________(operate) was performed by an ORBIS doctor on the plane.

16. Many Chinese have trouble using a knife and fork ______________ (correct).

17. Are you satisfied with these ____________ (dancer) performances in the opera?

18. When you feel tired, you’d better wear ________ (energy) colours, such as green.

19. Don’t get ____________ (patient) about your personal trouble.

20. My grandfather wants to live in a place which is more______( peace) than here.

21. We all feel very sorry for the_________ of this kind of beautiful bird,   (disappear)

22. He looked_______ at us when the bad news reached him.    (sad)

23. She has practised a lot and she is______ of winning the race,   (confidence)

24. Bill Gates is regarded as one of the greatest_______ in the world today, (invent)

25. The jackets hanging over there are those_________.  (surf)

26. I don’t lwant to wear pink because it’s a _________(girl) colour.

27. Tell me the ___________(true), I don’t know whether he comes or not today this evening.

38. When I am in trouble, he always comes to me and offers me some useful __________(suggust).

39. Unlike her mother, the girl is ______________(pationt) and easy to be angry.

40. The chairperson is is not only knowledgeable but also____________(practise).

41. My father likes reading. He often buys ___________(week) newspapers to read.

42. Zhang Guorong has been ___________(die) for more than four years.

43.. The Jinling High School will hold a writing_________(compete) next week.

44. Would you please speak a little lower. You are talking__________(noise) of all.

45. Tom is the_________(strong) of the two young men.

46. _________(luck), he was terribly hurt himself yesterday.

47. Zhang Ziyi is thought to be a great_________(beautiful) by some of her fans in China.

48. The widow got married again_________(short) after the death of her husband.

49. Many film stars had been _________(sing) before they entered the film industry.

50. We all need those ____________(play) team spirit in our work.


1. It’s China’s first time______(host) the Olympic Games.

2. What about ______(have) a picnic.

3. In China, the number of Internet users ______ (be) 100 million in 2010.

4.  It_________(snow) twice in his hometown since a week ago.

5. Usually most shops along this street____(decorate) with attractive things during festivals.

6. Xiao Wang didn't want to tell me anything about what he_____just_____(hear).

7. My brother s aid he_________(let) me have the bike as soon as he had cleaned it.

8. Today, to hold the Olympic Games ______ (consider) as a rich prize for a country.

9. Many changes _____________ (take) place in our daily life since the invention of the computer.

10. Our Maths teacher with other teachers ____________ (prepare) the new lesson in the office from 2 to 4 yesterday afternoon.

11. I’ll tell our monitor the good news as soon as he ________ (come) back to school.

12. We should think about what we can do ____________ (keep) animals and plants from becoming endangered.

13. On May 12, 2008, Sichuan _____________ (hit) by a strong earthquake which killed many people and distroyed many buildings.

14. Playing computer games is delightful, but _______ (spend) too much time on it may do harm.

15. By the time she was fifteen,  Kitty_________(teach) herself a foreign language.

16. It was raining hard,  but none of them said they_____(stop) working in the fields.

17. Children must be stopped___________skate) on thin ice.

18. He didn’t feel like eating anything today because he ________ (catch) a bad cold.

19. Hans was too busy ___________ (send) an e-mail back to his e-friend last week.

20. Everyone should pay attention to _______________ (talk) politely on the Internet.

21. The world population _______________ (grow) so fast these years. If it continues, soon there ______________ (be) standing room only.

22. Over 400 million people____________ (visit) Disneyland parks around the world since it opened in July 1955.

23. —What _______________( worry ) the old man very often?    —I’ve no idea.

24.The disabled mustn’t ________ (laugh) at by anybody.

25. The teacher told me I ________ (improve) my English if I tried my best.

26. The spaceman didn’t know there _______ (be) seven days in a week.

27. We don’t know what __________(happen) since yesterday.

28. You________(know) the result of the exam in an hour.

29. The new model of the mobile phone you look forward to ________ (sell) out yesterday.

30. I was told when I was young that Shanghai ________ (lie) in the east of China.

31. When I dropped in, Mr. Sun ________ just ________ (leave), so we had little time to chat. 

32. How unlucky he was ________ (fall) off the bike yesterday!

33. I saw you carelessly ________ (throw) some litter on the ground. You’d better pick it up.

34. The old man is boring of the city. He prefers _________(stay) at home to going shopping.

35. I wonder where_________(buy) such nice clothes.

36. Could you please ______(spare) me a few minutes. I have something important to talk with you.

37. Thank you for _________(offer) me immediate help when I was in trouble.

38. We all know _________(hand)in exercises on time is necessary.

39. Grandfather was made _________(work)over ten hours a day bofore the PRC was founded.

40. Xiang Linsao, a main characterin Lu Xun’s novel, spent all her life _________(mourn) for her dead son.

41. Would you please remind me ____________(look) at the right camera at the right time.

42. You’d better_________(not push) that naughty studentout of your classroom.

43. Come here, Jack. You____________(want) on the phone.

44. _____________(bring)your reading practice here tomorrow and we will do some reading.

45. When he stopped__________(have) a rest, I was still doing my homework.

46. There is a dog _______________(lie) under the big tree.

47. He was seen ____________(clean) his office at about 5:30, and after that.nobody knows where he has gone.

48. He was so frightened to find his girlfriend ______________(die) in her bed room.

49. I have no idea who ___________(offer) these old clothes to.

50. The money is used to __________(help) the people in need.

四、 根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

1. We all know _________ (污染)air does harm to our health. It’s necessary to keep our air fresh and clean.

2. The shop owner rose to his feet _________ to run after the thief. (立即)

3. The teacher’s serious look reduced the little boy who had just done something wrong to ______. (沉默)

4. The application form is _______________ (可获得的) at our school website.

5. I’m not sure whether his suggestion is more __________ (有价值的) than yours.

6. She is the perfect actress to __________ (扮演) the lead role in the film.

7. The programme started with a _______ (讨论)about the problem.

8. People must do something useful to keep the____________(平衡)of the nature.

9. We use irons to make our clothes ________ (光滑).

10. China is _______ (发展) faster and faster these years.

11. If you want to be better, you must ask your teacher for a few good_______ (建议).

12. Because of his hard work, he has gone _______ (超过) me in English.

13. So many countries and _______ (组织) have offered Sichuan people in the disaster a lot of help.

14. The wounds(伤员) have got good t_______ (治疗).

15. Do you know the _______ (重要性)of studying English well?

16. We haven't decided how we are going to_____(庆祝) the coming New Year's Day.

17. When you laugh or smile, your body_________(放松) .

18. Hurry up! The __________(仪式)of prizes will begin at ten o’clock.

19. They want to______( (推荐) David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union.

20. Like many famous scientists, Li Siguang _________ (致力于) himself to the study of science.

21. The tourists had no ______________ (选择)but to wait for the next train.

22. Many rare wild animals have _______________(消失)because we didn’t protect them.

23. __________(总之),you should finished it before you left.

24. Would you mind _________(告诉)me how to use the computer ?

25. Yangyang was caught in the rain and had a high ___________.(体温)

26. He hasn’t decided _______ (是否)to go or not.

27. More traffic __________(事故) happen every year because of driving carelessly.

28. Who do you think can jump_________(高) in our class?

29. Do you have any difficulty ____________(解决) the problem?

30. They consider Audrey Hepburn one of the best __________(演员)

31. It’s meaningful for students to do some ____________(志愿)work

32. In order to get to the nearest village, we have to walk _______________ (穿过) a bridge.

33. It’s our duty to preotect the ___________________(环境).

34. They must ___________(确认)their air tickets three days before they leave.

35. _____________(明显的),you didn’t read the detective story because you even didn’t know the main character of the story.

36. .The children have got the money from ____________(捐赠).

37. Mike is very ______________(谦虚的)even though he is the top student in our class.

38. Tom is an ______________(优秀的)student. He does well in nearly everything.

39. There will be an ________________(经历)you will never forget.

40. He was give a lot of flowers by his students when they came to see him because of his great_________(成就).


1. 韩梅宁愿再等一个小时也不愿叫醒她母亲,因为她母亲太累了.

Han Mei ______ ______ ______ _______ _________ ______ rather than wake up her mother because her mother was too tired.

2. 登记后方可入住本旅馆。You are not _____ _____ ______at the hotel until the form is filled in.

3. 她经常和别人争论,但善于应付各种困难。

She often argues with others but is_____ ______ _______ _______ all kinds of_________.

4. 他会尽可能小心地开车以免发生事故。

He will drive ______ ______ _______ ______ _______ ______ keep any accident from happening.

5. 家长对我说的根本不满意。The parents were _____ _______ ______ _____ _____ _____ at all.

6. 孩子们在枯燥的教室里呆了一整天后,从事一些体育活动,而不是额外的学习,是非常重要的。

It is equally important for children _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ ______ of_____ studies when they have spent the whole day in a boring classroom.

7. 她的弟弟喜欢开着灯睡觉。Her brother prefers to sleep______ _______ _______ ______.

8. 他与疾病作顽强斗争很勇敢。

It is brave _____ him to______ ________ a good________ ________ the________.

9. 那个老人激动得说不出话来。The old man was so excited that he_____ _______ __________ .


It’s only _______ _______ _______ __________to get to the shopping centre.

11.展出的电视机都是中国制造的。The TV sets _____ _______ are _____ ______ _______China.

12.大多数肥胖症能够预防或治愈。Most cases of fatness can _____ ______or___________.


Lei Feng devoted his whole life _______ _________those who_________ in need of help.


The scientist________ _________ try and fail than________ ___________ his plan.


  ____ ______to keep healthy, every one of us ought to achieve a_______ _______ work and rest.


The surface of Mars is_______ _________ the surface of Earth than______ ________planet in the solar system.

17. 孩子们被告诫不要用太多的时间玩电脑游戏。

The children were told _____ ______ _______ to much time ______ _______computer games.

18. 他认为这部小说值得再读一遍。He thinks this novel _____ _______ _______ _____ ______.

19. 你知道火星离地球有多远吗?Do you know ____ ___ ____ ____ from the Mars to the Earth?

20. 你的建议肯定有极大的价值并很值得采纳。

Your advice must be _____ ______ _________ and _______ ______ _______.

21. 这个男孩还没有到独立处理这样的难题的年龄。

The boy isn’t ______ ______ _______ ______ such a difficult problem by himself.

22. 到目前为止,已有很多人在网上对她的言论作出了反应。

So far, a large number of people _____ _____ _____ her_______ on the Internet.

23. 他们打赢那个队的希望似乎不大。

________ doesn't_________  to________  much hope of their_________ that team.

24. 玉树,不要灰心,我们永远和你在一起!

Don’t ________ hope; Wenchuan! We’ll be __________with you ___________!

25. 我认为这件夹克不是纯棉制成的。I ______ think this jacket____ ______ _________ cotton.

26. 乔在无锡工作多年,并且已习惯这里的生活了。

Joe has worked in Wuxi for years, ________ _______ ______ _______ ________ here.

27. 北京不仅是个古老的城市,而且是个科技城。

Beijing is_____ ______ an old city, ______ ______ ________a _________city.


   _______ ________you do the exercises,  _____ _____ ________you will make.


Lucy is always complaining to her parents _______ the______ in _______ _______ .


Would you mind _________ care of my house ________ I am _________?

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