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About English

I'm on the way of teaching Englsih.




1999年9月至2001年8月任教于凤阳县板桥中学,2000年10月当选为板桥中学团委书记。 2001年8辞职,同年八月受聘于私立无锡光华学校。2007年7月,受聘于安徽凤阳兴华学校,任政教主任,兼任校团委书记、中学部长。2008年先后被评为凤阳县首届“教坛新星”、“教学能手”、“骨干教师”。2011年9月,任教于安吉振民高级中学。2012年,兼任高一英语备课组长。



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1._________ n.&vt. 不喜欢,厌恶        2. _________adj. 全部的,整个的

3._________n.the ability to control        4._________v.包装,包装物n. 小包,包裹

5._________vt. 驳回诉讼;忽视          6._____________n.十几岁的青少年

7._____________ adj.心烦意乱的  vt. 使不安;使心烦 8._____________ n. 伙伴;合作者

9._____________ n.手提箱,衣箱         10.____________ n.窗帘,门窗,幕布

11.exactly adv.   ________________      12.grateful adj.  ________________

13.loose adj.        ________________   14.series n.          ________________

15.dusk n.           ________________  16.thunder n.& vi. ________________

17.highway n.         ________________ 18.dusty  adj.         _________________

19.tip  n.& vt.        _________________ 20.item  n.        _________________


1.不理睬,忽视(v.) ________无知的(adj.) ___________无知(n.) __________

2.权力,力量(n.) _______强大的(adj.)__________ 无权的,无影响力的(adj.) ___________

3.自然,自然界(n.) ________自然的(adj.) __________自然地(adv.)____________

4.忠告,建议(n.) _______建议,忠告(v.)________,顾问(n.)_________

5.同意(v.) _____不同意(v.) ________协议(n.) ,_________


7.整个的,完全的(adj.) ______整个地,完全地(adv.) ___________

8.感激(n.) _________感激的(adj.)__________,感激地(adv.) ___________

9.松的,松开的(adj.) _______松地,松开地(adv.)_________

10.遭受,忍受,经历(v.) _______痛苦,不幸(n.) _________


1.Man seems to be so weak compared to the power of _________,so it is ________ that we hope God can help us. (nature)

2.We are all ________ about our children,s health. As far as I am _________,lack of enough sleep _________ the healthy growth of the children deeply. (concern)

3.There is so much __________ in this world. For example, many African people are _________ hunger while some other people continue to __________ from serious pollution. (suffer)

4.He gave me some useful ________.Can you _______ me on college courses? (advice)  

5.Poverty,disease and _________remain  major world problems. It is not a question that can be ________.(ignore)

6.After he came to _____________,everyone said he was a _____________ leader, but now he felt so _____________ that he even couldn,t save his daughter. (power)

7.I was very _____________ to my teachers for their help and my _____________ to them was beyond words.(grateful)


1. ________________ (使)平静下来         2. ________________不得不;必须

3. ________________经历,经受           4. ________________记下,放下,登记

5. ________________遭受,患病           6._________________ 将……打包

7. ___________________关心,挂念        8. ___________________对……厌烦

9. _________________与……相处;进展    10. ________________相爱,爱上

11.a series of    ___________________     12.on purpose ___________________

13.at dusk       ___________________    14.in order to   ___________________

15.face to face  ___________________      16.join in         ___________________

17.live in peace___________________       18.no longer/not... any longer________



      A best friend is someone who you can tell everything (1)  ,even your most   (2)  (person) feelings and thoughts. Anne Frank treated her diary   (3)  her best friend.

     The German Nazis were in search of Anne and her family.The family had to hide  (4)   from the chase.They didn,t dare to go out even in the evenings.They had to stay indoors day and

(5) .Not being able to go out for such a long time,Anne missed the beauty of nature so much that she grew    (6)   about everything to do with it.She stayed up  (7) eleven thirty one evening on  (8) just to see the moonlight.She said,“This is the first time I   (9)   (see)the moonlight since I was here.”

      Unfortunately ,the family  (10)  (discover)at last and taken away  from the hiding place.  




2.他们对所有好心人心存感激。(be grateful to sb.)


3.他们非常关心身边的同学。(be concerned about)


4.他们在出租屋里办起小图书馆。(set up)




6.小伙伴们也从中学会如何与人相处。(get along with sb.)


7.王昱人、王昱权常常捡破烂帮助贫困学生。(in order to)


8.最后,这些学生不再害怕困难。(no longer/not ... any longer)


9.这些学生都能平静地生活着。(live in peace)




1.The snow is very ______(疏松) and there is a lot of air in it.

2.His life is _________(完全地) given up to work.

3.The ___________(幕布) rises and the play begins.

4.That's __________(正是) what I expected.

5.To send me to college, my parents _________(受苦) a lot.

6.Our workmate has been in danger. We're all c_____________ about his health.

7.They come from Germany. They are G____________.

8.On hot summer nights, people like to sit o____________, chatting and enjoying the cool air.

9.I'm g ________________ for  your help.

10.Their age is from 13 to 19. They are called t_________________.


1.I happened to meet one of my friends while __________________(在街上散步时).(walk)

2.________________(为了平静下来),she turned on the radio to listen to the light music.(calm)

3.My father asked me ________________(我是否相处得好)with my classmates in the new school.(get)

4.All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as to ________________(及时收到)for Christmas.(receive)

5.This is the first time we ________________(看电影)in the cinema together as a family.(see)

6.She and her family hid away for nearly twenty five months ________________(才被发现).(discover)

7.It was after he got what he had wanted ______________(他才意识到)it was not so important.(realize)

8.My sister is very upset today.You ________________(不该告诉她)the bad news yesterday.(tell)

9.Mother wanted to be a good provider,a role she ________________(一直肩负的)since her marriage to father.(shoulder)

10.Today,we will begin ________________(我们昨天结束的地方)so that no point will be left out.(stop)


1.⑴ He  _____________ (将杯子弄翻了)and the coffee went all over the floor.

⑵ His cheating in the exam_______________ (使他的老师生气).

⑶ If I catch you doing that again,______________________________ (我将对你非常生气).

⑷ He didn’t finish the work on time,and he   ______________________it (对此感到心烦意乱).

2.⑴ I said hello to her, but she ___________ (不理睬我) completely!

⑵ You can’t _______________  (忽视这个事实)that China is still a developing country.

3.⑴ Please ____________ (冷静下来)and let me know what has happened.

⑵ The doctor has given her some pills ____________________ (使她镇静下来).

⑶  _________________________________ (保持冷静是最重要的)when handling the urgent matter.

4.⑴ 观光旅行者背个包。

_________________________________                                           _

⑵ 他过去经常一天抽一包香烟。

______________________________________                                    ___.

⑶ 你需要我帮你整理行装吗?

_________________________________                                        ___ ?

5.⑴ __________6,7 and 8 and you’ll get 21.

⑵ The street lights ____________ the beauty of the city.

⑶ The number of people who saw the film in China ______________ about 25 million.

6.⑴ My friend has _________________ a beautiful girl.

⑵ He broke up with his girlfriend,who ____________________ him for 3 years.

7.⑴  ______________________________achieve his goal,he started to work very hard.

⑵ She repeated the instructions slowly ____________________  we could understand.

⑶ My father works hard ______________________ support us.

⑷ He left quietly ___________________  wake us.

⑸ Nothing more was heard from him______we began to wonder if he was dead

8.⑴ It is doubtful that many of us would have to  __________________________ (经历这种痛苦) today,but it does happen.

⑵  他一生中经受过多次严峻的考验。

He has _______________ many severe tests during his lifetime.

9.⑴ She____________________________________________ (将会继续工作)after her dinner.

⑵ He does well in his studies. Besides he ___              _______________________ (和同学相处融洽).

⑶ I’d like to know________________________________________ (你的学习进展如何)?

10.⑴ She closed the door ____________.

⑵ He took along one of his pictures  _________________________ finding a job.

11.⑴ I want to ___________________________________________________ (面谈).

⑵ I don’t like her to_______             __________ (凝视我).

⑶ He made me______________                        ____ (当众出丑).


1.Ignore   ignorant   ignorance     2. power    powerful    powerless

3. nature   natural     naturally   4. advice   advise   advisor

5. agree   disagree   agreement    6. like   dislike

7. entire  entirely                 8. gratitude   grateful   gratefully

9. loose   loosely               10. suffer    suffering


答案:1.nature;natural       2.concerned;concerned;concerns  3.suffering; suffering; suffer

4.advice;advise   5.ignorance;ignored  6.power;powerful; powerless  7.grateful;gratitude


1.calm down   2. have (got) to    3. go through    4. set down    5. suffer from

6. pack sth.up    7. be concerned about   8. be/get tired of   9. get along with

10. fall in love with     11. 一系列的,一连串的  12. 故意   13. 黄昏时

14. 为了    15. 面对面(地)    16. 加入,参加  17.和平相处,过平静的生活

18. 不再


答案:(1)to   (2)personal   (3)as   (4)away   (5)night   (6)crazy   (7)until   (8)purpose   (9)have seen   (10)were discovered

VI.词组运用1.Wang Yuren and Wang Yuquan are very poor and suffer a lot in their lives.

2.They are grateful to all kind-hearted people.

3.They are concerned about their classmates around them.

4.They set up a small library in their rented home.

5.Their partners can get much knowledge from it.

6.Their partners can also learn how to get along with each other from it.

7.Wang Yuren and Wang Yuquan often collect recyclable things from waste in order to help other poor students.

8.Finally,these students are no longer afraid of difficulties./are not afraid of difficulties any longer.

9.All these students live in peace.


Wang Yuren and Wang Yuquan, two teenagers,are so poor that they suffer a lot in their lives. Being grateful to all kind-hearted people who have helped them financially,they are extremely concerned about their classmates around them. In their rented home,they set up a small library,from which the partners not only can gain much knowledge,but also learn how to get along with each other.

Wang Yuren and Wang Yuquan often collect recyclable things from waste in order to help other poor students. Finally,with the help of Wang Yuren and Wang Yuquan,these poor students live in peace,and they are no longer afraid of difficulties before them.



1.loose    2.entirely    3.curtain     4.exactly     5.suffered

6.concerned   7.Germans    8.outdoors    9.grateful     10.teenagers


1.(I was)walking along the street            2.In order to calm down

3.if I am getting along well                4.be received in time

5.have seen a film                       6.before (they were)discovered

7.that he realized                        8.shouldn’t have told her

9.has been shouldering                   10.where we stopped yesterday


1.upset the cup      upset his teacher     I’ll be very upset with you 

was very upset about

2. ignored me       ignore the fact

3 calm down   to calm her down     It is the most important to keep calm

4. The tourist carried a pack on his back.

He used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day

Do you need me to help you pack up

5. Add up     add to     added up to

6. fallen in love with               had been in love with

7. In order that he could/In order to

in order that/so that

in order that/so that he may; in order to/so as to

so as not to/in order not to

so that

8. go through this kind of pain

gone through

9. will get/go on with the work/will go on working

gets on well with his classmates

how you are getting on with your studies

10. on purpose                 with/for the purpose of

11. talk to you face to face/have a face- to-face talk with you

look me in the face             lose face in public

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